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Exhibitors Terms & Conditions - India m2m + iot Forum 2016



In these Terms and Conditions the following definitions apply:

“the Exhibition Space Contract” means the Organizers’ form of agreement for the allotment of a stand at the Exhibition;

“the Authorities” means the relevant local, state and other public authorities and bodies relevant to the Exhibition;

“the Contract” means the Exhibition Space Contract, these Terms and Conditions and the Exhibitors’ Manual;

“the Exhibitor” means the person, firm or company agreeing to take a stand at the Exhibition under the Exhibition Space Contract;

“the Exhibitors’ Manual” means the manual produced by the Organizers’ in relation to the Exhibition;

“the Licence Fee” means the amount shown as the total price payable by the Exhibitor in the Exhibition
Space Contract;

“the Organizers” means (A Part Of Origin Business Services Private Limited);

“the Venue” means the venue where the Exhibition will take place.


The Exhibitor must comply with the requirements of all Authorities and where applicable with all rules and regulations issued by the owner of the Venue in force at the time of the Exhibition.

The Exhibitor undertakes to comply with the obligations and duties contained or referred to in the Contract including (without limitation) those contained or to be contained in the Exhibitors’ Manual. Exemptions from any of these obligations and duties may be granted at the Organizers’ discretion. No exemption given by the Organizers’ will be effective unless in writing.

The Contract comprises these Terms and Conditions, the Exhibition Space Contract and the Exhibitors’ Manual) except as varied in writing signed by the parties.


(a)    A stand will be held as let for 1 day at the date shown on the Exhibition Space Contract issued by the Organizers’ for that stand, subject to these Terms and Conditions. If the signed Exhibition Space Contract together with the deposit is not received by the Organizers’ within that period, the Organizers’ may allocate the stand elsewhere without notice to the Exhibitor.
(b)    The Contract constitutes a licence to exhibit and not a tenancy. The Organizers’ reserve the right at any time to make such alterations in the floor plan of the Exhibition as may in their opinion be necessary in the best interests of the Exhibition as a whole and to alter either or both of the shape and size of the space allotted to the Exhibitor. If, as a result, the space allotted to the Exhibitor shall be reduced, a proportionate allowance will be made to the Exhibitor by adjustment of the Licence Fee. No alteration to the space allotted will impose on the Exhibitor any greater Licence Fee than that undertaken in the Exhibition Space Contract.
(c)    The Organizers’ further reserve the right at any time to substitute for the stand allotted a different stand.
(d)    Allotment of space by the Organizers’ shall not imply that they accept the proposed exhibits, and the Exhibitor must ensure that exhibits on the allotted stand comply with these Terms and Conditions. The Organizers’ reserve the right to exclude and/or require to be removed any exhibit which in their opinion is not germane to the Exhibition. The decision of the Organizers’ as to the eligibility of the exhibits will be absolutely final and binding.
(e)    The Contract is personal to the Exhibitor and may not be assigned, subcontracted or sublet by him. Neither may the Exhibitor, without having first obtained the consent in writing of the Organizers’:
I.    have or display on the stand or at the Exhibition the goods of any other person, firm or company; or
II.    display or permit to be displayed on the stand or at the Exhibition the name or mark of any other person, firm or company or literature or other items relating to the goods or services of any such other person, firm or company.
(f)    Notwithstanding the allocation of a stand to the Exhibitor, the Organizers’ reserve the right to forbid the Exhibitor to erect or occupy that or any other stand if, on the date of the opening of the Exhibition, there is subsisting any material breach of the obligations of the Exhibitor under the Contract including (without limitation) failure to pay any instalment of the Licence Fee or if there then remains outstanding any notice served by the Organizers’ under Rule 5(b) or Rule 6 of these Terms and Conditions.


The Exhibitor may cancel the Contract, by giving not less than 30 days’ notice to expire not later than the next cancellation date. Such notice must be given in writing and sent by recorded delivery to the Organizers’. The Organizers’ shall be entitled to retain or (if not already paid) require payment forthwith of the deposit together with any further payment due under the cancellation dates and fees listed in this clause.

Cancellation dates and Fees.

Cancellation with 6 months notice from the date of exhibition – 50%
Cancellation with 5 months notice from the date of exhibition – 75%
Cancellation with 4 months notice or less from the date of exhibition – 100%
For the avoidance of doubt, but save as set out in clause 6 below, the above dates and fees cannot be changed and do not relate to, and are not affected by, any payment plan that may have been agreed by the Exhibitor with the Organizers’ for the purpose of assisting the Exhibitor with payment for their Exhibition stand space.


(a)    The Exhibitor shall make the payment to the Organizers’ by the the date set out in the Exhibition booth/space contract.
(b)    If the Exhibitor fails to pay on the due date for payment, the Organizers’ may at any time thereafter either:
I.    by notice to the Exhibitor declare the balance remaining unpaid immediately payable, whereupon the Exhibitor shall pay such balance to the Organizers’ forthwith on demand; or
II.    terminate the Contract forthwith by notice to the Exhibitor served at any time after the due date in clause 4 for payment.
(c)    If the Organizers’ terminate the Contract under Rule 5(b)(ii), the Exhibitor shall pay to the Organizers’ forthwith on demand by way of agreed liquidated damages for the loss of the Exhibitor’s booking under the Contract (but without prejudice to the Organizers’ other rights hereunder) a sum calculated as follows:
I.    the Licence Fee less such parts thereof as may have already been paid to the Organizers’; and
II.    interest payable under Rule 5(e);
(d)    If the Contract is terminated by the Organizers’ under Rule 5(b)(ii), the Organizers’ shall further, against the sum payable under Clause 5(c), allow to the Exhibitor an amount equal to the net sum received by the Organizers’ from the reallocation of the stand allocated to the Exhibitor (after the deduction of all costs expended in relation to the reallocation of the stand) if such reallocation is made to an intending Exhibitor not otherwise exhibiting at the Exhibition. This allowance shall not exceed the balance of the payment unpaid and shall be allowed only after receipt by the Organizers’ of the sums due under Rule 5(c).
(e)    The Exhibitor shall pay to the Organizers’ on demand interest on all sums overdue, from the due date for payment set out in clause 4 until actual payment is made, at the rate of 24% per annum, as well after as before any judgement.
(f)    The payment is inclusive of taxes and may be varied by the Organizers’ at any time to take account of any increase or decrease in the rate of any taxes applicable to the Contract and payments to be made thereunder.
(g)    By way of security for any sums from time to time due hereunder to the Organizers’ from the Exhibitor, the Organizers’ shall have a lien on all goods and other items of the Exhibitor from time to time in the possession of the Organizers’ or under their control. The Organizers’ shall be entitled, after giving notice to the Exhibitor, to sell all or any such goods or other items and to apply the proceeds of sale first in payment of the costs of sale and secondly in satisfaction or part satisfaction of such sums and the Organizers’ shall account to the Exhibitor for any balance remaining of such proceeds of sale.
(h)    We reserve the right to pass any outstanding debt by an Exhibitor over to our Legal Collections Agency. In this instance the full cost of the recovery of this money by the said Legal Collections Agency will be passed on in full to the Exhibitor and form part of the outstanding debt.


The Organizers’ reserves the right to alter the Exhibition Dates as set out in the Exhibition Space Contract at any time provided that:
(a)    any alteration does not result in the Exhibition being moved by more than 12 (twelve) months; and
(b)    no alteration is made to the dates within 120 (one hundred and twenty) days of the first open day of the Exhibition.

In the event of an alteration of the Exhibition Dates, the Organizers’ may change to the cancellation dates set out in clause 4 and the payments and dates for payment set out in the payment schedule of the Exhibition Space Contract and will notify the Exhibitor accordingly.


(a)    Without prejudice to their rights under Rule 5(b), the Organizers’ may terminate the Contract forthwith by notice to the Exhibitor:
I.    If the Exhibitor shall in the opinion of the Organizers’ become or threaten to become insolvent or shall commence or suffer the commencement of proceedings against it by reason of insolvency; or
II.    if the Exhibitor shall fail to make payment on or before the due date for payment; or
III.    if the Exhibitor shall be in breach of any other of its obligations under the Contract and, if the breach is capable of remedy, shall have failed to remedy the breach within 14 days after the service of notice upon it by the Organizers’ specifying the breach complained of and requiring it to be so remedied.
(b)    Termination under this Clause or Clause 5 shall be without prejudice to the rights of the parties in respect of any antecedent breach of contract or to those provisions of the Contract intended to subsist after termination.
(c)    If the Contract is terminated by the Organizers’, the Organizers’ shall be entitled (without prejudice to their other rights) to:
I.    require the Exhibitor to remove forthwith from the Venue all property of the Exhibitor or its contractors at a time stated by the Organizers’ or, at risk and cost of the Exhibitor, to remove such property and deliver or dispatch it to the address of the Exhibitor given in the Exhibition Space Contract; and
II.    erect on the stand a board or other device carrying the name, title and/or marks of the Exhibitor.
(d)    The Exhibitor shall reimburse to the Organizers’ on demand all legal and other costs incurred by the Organizers’ in connection with the termination of the Contract or the enforcement of the Organizers’ rights hereunder and any costs incurred by the Organizers’ in the dressing, furnishing or alteration of the stand vacated by the Exhibitor in order to maintain an orderly and visually pleasing Exhibition.


(a)    If the Exhibition is abandoned, cancelled or suspended in whole or in part by reason of war, fire, national emergency, labour dispute, strike, lockout, civil disturbance, inevitable accident, the non-availability of the Exhibition premises, or any other cause not within the control of the Organizers’ whether ejusdem generis or not, the Organizers’ shall be under no obligation to repay the whole or part of the payment, and shall be under no liability to the Exhibitor in respect of any such abandonment, cancellation or suspension. In such event, the Organizers’ reserve the right to change the Venue for the Exhibition and to substitute the new Venue for the Venue named in the Exhibition Space Contract.
(b)    If the Organizers’ come to believe at any time up to 14 days before the Exhibition that the holding of the Exhibition is unprofitable for the Organizers’ or not in the best interests of the industry concerned, the Organizers’ may cancel the Exhibition. If the Organizers’ cancel the Exhibition under this subclause, the Organizers’ shall promptly notify the Exhibitor of cancellation and shall within 30 days refund to the Exhibitor such part of the payment as may then have been paid, in full settlement of the Exhibitor’s rights against the Organizers’ under the Contract or otherwise in relation to the Exhibition.


The Organizers’ will endeavour to ensure the supply of the services of the Venue and of those mentioned in the Exhibitors’ Manual but as the supply of such services is not within the control of the Organizers’ they shall not incur any liability to an Exhibitor for any loss or damage if any such services shall wholly or partially fail or cease to be available nor shall the Exhibitor be entitled to any allowance in respect of the Licence Fee due or paid under the Contract.


The Organizers’ will not be liable for any damages, costs or other liabilities, the Exhibitor, his employees or agents may sustain in respect of the infringement of any intellectual property rights of the Exhibitor arising out of his participation in the Exhibition.


The Organizers’ and the owners of the Venue or of interests therein and those authorised by them respectively have the right to enter the Venue at any time to execute works, repairs and alterations and for other purposes. No compensation will be payable to the Exhibitor for damage, loss or inconvenience so caused.


(a)    The Organizers’ reserve the right to add to, alter or expunge any of these Terms and Conditions at any time.
(b)    In the event of any dispute as to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions as a result of their translation into a foreign language, the English version shall be taken as authentic.
(c)    Each Exhibitor must bring to the notice of all agents or contractors employed by them such of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions as may affect such agents or contractors, and any claim arising from the failure of the Exhibitor to give such notice shall be the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor concerned.
(d)    The Contract shall be constructed in accordance with and governed by Indian law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Delhi Courts.
(e)    All agreements, consents, notices, individual permits and special arrangements must be in writing, signed by the party or parties giving the same and, in the case of service on the Exhibitor, may be served by mailing/posting the same by registered mail/post to the conference secretariat address or by sending the same by electronic mail/email transmission to the email id so given. Any communication so transmitted shall be deemed to be served on the day of transmission provided that a signed copy of the same is sent by registered mail/post on the same day to the person to be served. Any communication sent by registered mail/post shall be deemed to be served on the day following the date of posting.



(a)    The Exhibition will be open to visitors for the period and during the opening hours stated in the Exhibitors Manual.
(b)    All dust covers must be removed and stands ready for display purposes by the readiness time stated in the Exhibitors Manual on the open day. No exhibits shall be removed from their positions until the close of the Exhibition without the Organizers’ permission in writing, nor shall any stand be covered up or closed during the Exhibition before the official closing time.


(a)    The Organizers’ reserve the right to expel from or refuse to admit to the Exhibition premises any person at any time notwithstanding that person’s possession of an official pass or ticket.
(b)    The Organizers’ will issue official tickets of admission and no other form of admission ticket will be valid.

16.    PASSES

No Exhibitor will be admitted to the Exhibition without producing to the gate officials the Exhibitor’s pass issued to him by the Organizers’, who reserve the right, at their discretion, to withdraw the pass issued to any person if complaints have been received concerning that person’s conduct.


It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that walkways/aisles in front of the allocated stand are kept free from obstruction during the whole of the time the building is open for the purpose of the Exhibition.


The Organizers’ reserve the right to affix stand numbers or directional signs on any stands in any position.


The Exhibitor is not allowed to place or affix advertisements anywhere in the building except on the allotted stand. Exhibitors should only distribute matter in relation to their own goods. Such matter may only be distributed from the allotted stand. Distribution of such matter from walkways/aisles or any areas outside the allotted stand is not permitted.


An official catalogue will be issued. The Organizers’ will not accept responsibility for any omission, misquotations or other errors that may occur in the compilation of the catalogue.



(a)    Exhibits must fall within the defined scope of the Exhibition and may represent all forms of materials, machinery, plant equipment and ancillary services related to the Exhibition as approved by the Organizers’ and Authorities. Exhibitors may be asked to provide details of the types of products or service they intend to display.
(b)    Exhibitors are not allowed to sub-let the stand allotted to them nor to permit the stand to be utilized by any other person or company without the Organizers’ prior consent in writing.
(c)    Where Exhibitors wish to use borrowed equipment on the allotted stand to demonstrate their own products, the display of the name of the firm lending the equipment is not permitted without the written consent of the Organizers’, unless that firm is also exhibiting.


Every Exhibitor shall ensure that the allotted stand is open to view and staffed by competent representatives during the Exhibition hours. In the event of an Exhibitor failing to open the allotted stand or uncover exhibits thereon, the Organizers may do so or arrange for the stand and exhibits to be removed and the Exhibitor shall be liable for any charges that may thereby be incurred. The Organizers will not be liable for any losses, including consequential losses, sustained by the Exhibitor as a result of this action.

Exhibitors and all persons for whom they may be considered responsible in any way whatsoever, must conduct themselves in such a manner as shall not be objectionable to any other Exhibitor, Exhibitor’s employee, visitor or the Organizers, and shall not create any disturbance or obstruction. Any person who does not comply with these requirements shall be liable, at the discretion of the Organizers, to be removed from the Exhibition buildings and refused re-admission during the period of the Exhibition.

Exhibitors must conduct their business only from their stand and must not, under any circumstances, canvas visitors in the aisles, or in any other areas. Exhibitors should only distribute advertising matter in relation to their own goods. Such matter may only be distributed from the allotted stand. Distribution of such matter from walkways/aisles or any areas outside the allotted stand is not permitted.

No item of stand stock sold during the Exhibition may be removed before the Exhibition is finished, without the written permission of the Organizers.


Moving machinery shall, at the expense of the Exhibitor, be installed and protected to the satisfaction of the Organizers, the Venue and the Authorities. If such machinery shall, in the opinion of the Organizers, be too noisy or cause annoyance to other Exhibitors or to visitors, it shall be switched off on request by the Organizers.

No motors, engines, furnaces, apparatuses or power-driven machinery may be exhibited in operation without adequate protection against fire risks and without the written permission of the Organizers. Such permission may be withheld or withdrawn at any time should such operating exhibits be of a nature likely to cause danger, annoyance or inconvenience to other Exhibitors or visitors.

Safety devices may be removed only when the machines are not in operation and not connected to the source of power and only for the purpose of showing a visitor the design and construction of the uncovered part or parts. In such a case, however, the safety devices that are removed must be placed immediately beside the machine.


(a)    Cinematographs and Photographic slides may not be used without the written consent of the Organizers. Where permission is granted, the following conditions will apply:
I.    Non-flammable film must be used.
II.    The projector housing and covering must be of non-flammable material in accordance with the requirements of the Authorities and the Venue.
(b)    Where sound film or video is used, adequate soundproofing must be carried out so that no annoyance is caused to Exhibitors and visitors on adjacent stands.
(c)    Any seating must be in accordance with the all-applicable regulations of the relevant Authorities.
(d)    The placing of the equipment shall be arranged in such a way the obstruction of walkways/aisles is not caused by persons viewing the display.
NB. See also 35(f)


(a)    All efforts to advertise, promote sales and operate exhibits must be conducted so as not to cause any danger, annoyance or inconvenience to other Exhibitors and visitors. Any practice resulting in a complaint from a fellow Exhibitor or visitor which, in the opinion of the Organizers exposes them to annoyance or danger will be prohibited.
(b)    No competitions or the like may be held without the written permission of the Organizers.


(a)    The Exhibitor exhibits entirely at its own risk and the Organizers accept no liability, whether in contract or in tort (including negligence), to the Exhibitor arising out of or in connection with the Exhibition or the acts or omissions of the Organizers or its officers, employees, subcontractors, agents or visitors in relation thereto save as regards the contractual obligations of the Organizers hereunder. In particular (but without limitation) the Organizers do not accept responsibility for the performance by any Exhibition contractor in carrying out his obligations to the Exhibitor or for any other act or omission of any such contractor, whether or not the contractor has been appointed as the exclusive provider of any class of goods or services to the Exhibitor.
(b)    All conditions and warranties, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, in relation to the performance by the Organizers of its obligations hereunder are hereby excluded except as expressly stated herein. The Exhibitor acknowledges that, in entering into the Contract, it has not relied upon any representation made by or on behalf of the Organizers not contained in the Contract.
(c)    The Organizers shall in no event be liable for any indirect or consequential loss of profit.
(d)    The Organizers have no liability to the Exhibitor for the performance by other persons at the Exhibition of their obligations to the Organizers.
(e)    The Exhibitor shall hold harmless and indemnify the Organizers from and against all actions, proceedings, losses, claims, demands and liabilities (including costs on an indemnity basis) suffered or incurred by the Organizers arising out of or in connection with any act or omission of the Exhibitor or its officers, employees, contractors, agents or visitors.


(a)    It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that it takes out and maintains insurance to cover its losses or liabilities arising out of or in connection with the Exhibition including:
I.    insurance of the Exhibitor’s property;
II.    liability for injury sustained by employees or third parties.
III.    liability for loss or destruction of or damage to property of the Venue, the Organizers and any third party; and
IV.    insurance against losses arising out of the cancellation of the Exhibition due to causes beyond the control of the Organizers.


The Organizers reserve the right to refuse accommodation for any exhibit the character of which, in the opinion of the Organizers and/or the Venue is unsuitable or unsafe for the site allocated to the Exhibitor or might constitute a health/safety hazard.


(a)    No naked lights, oil lamps or temporary gas or electrical fittings may be used in the Exhibition building.
(b)    No petrol, dangerous gases or highly flammable substances are allowed in the building.
(c)    The Exhibitor must conform to the conditions concerning explosives and dangerous combustible materials as laid down by the Authorities.
(d)    The Exhibitor shall do nothing to jeopardize the current insurance policies or the licenses of the Venue or the Organizers and the Exhibitor shall in all cases comply with any requirements of the Fire Officer or other Authorities concerned.
(e)    Non-flammable material must be used for lampshades.
(f)    Equipment involving the use of lasers may not be exhibited without the prior written agreement of the Organizers. Such laser installations must comply with Guidance Note P.M. 19 “Use of Lasers for Display Purposes” from the Health and Safety Executive. A rehearsal before the Exhibition opens may also be required.
(g)    Sources of ionising radiations (e.g. X Ray equipment or any radio-active materials), shall not be brought on to the premises.


The Exhibitor shall observe the following provisions:

(a)    Fireproofing. All display material must be made from fireproofed materials to the satisfaction of the Authorities. Cloth materials used in the decoration of stands must be non-flammable and stretched against solid backing. Counter backs and curtains shall be cut off at least 150 mm (six inches) clear of the floor.
(b)    Flammable Goods. Explosives or highly flammable substances must not be exhibited or brought into the Exhibition.
(c)    Naked Lights. No naked lights or lamps may be used during the period of the Exhibition or the periods of fitting up and dismantling.
(d)    Fire Extinguishers. Fire Extinguishers are distributed throughout the Venue to meet statutory requirements. If required, Exhibitors must agree to have an Extinguisher in a prominent position on their stand. Exhibitors must acquaint themselves with the position of the nearest fire alarm station in the Exhibition building.
(e)    An Exhibitor committing a breach of any of the afore-mentioned provisions will be liable for all claims, loss and damage thereby caused and will indemnify the Company in respect thereof.



An official Photographer will be appointed for Exhibitors who desire their stands or goods photographed. No other Photographer will be allowed to take photographs, draw, copy or reproduce any stand or article in the Venue without the permission of the Organizers.


All food and drink for serving on stands or to be consumed within the Venue must be obtained from the official Venue Caterer.


Exhibitors are responsible to the Organizers for seeing that their stand is maintained in a clean state throughout the period of the Exhibition. Exhibitors must carry out their own stand cleaning. Cleaning of exhibits is extra.


Other than Site-only stand construction and Shell stand interiors, Exhibitors may only use the official Contractors appointed by the Organizers for the services they may require. The Organizers reserve the right to change or appoint additional official Contractors as may be found necessary.



(a)    The stands, which will be provided by the Organizers, will be in accordance with the specification given in the Exhibitors’ Manual that will be sent to all Exhibitors. The conditions governing all additional construction work are also contained in the Exhibitors’ Manual.
(b)    All additional stand fitting must be contained within the Shell stand structure, i.e. no fittings may exceed the height specified by the Organizers.


(a)    Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for stand design and construction. All stands on Space-only sites will be subject to the approval of the Organizers, although the Exhibitor has freedom of design and choice of stand fitting contractor provided that the contractor selected is party to the terms of the Working Rule Agreement for the Exhibition Industry currently in force.
(b)    Special permission must be obtained from the Authorities where an Exhibitor intends to:
I.    Erect a multi-storied stand.
II.    Erect any stand of such construction or containing any area where:
a.    Provision is made for a closely seated audience.
b.    Any part of the stand or exhibit exceeds 2.5 (two and half) meters in height.
c.    The travel distance from any part of a stand to an open side or exit or to a walkway/aisle on the stand is greater than 10 (ten) meters.
NB. Approval has to be given by the appropriate Authorities for the design, and for the structure. Approval of one does not imply approval of the other. Approval for the structure is conditional upon satisfactory inspection on site. In either case three copies of plans with structural calculations must be submitted to the Organizers, for distribution to the Authorities. Exhibitors are reminded that they must satisfy the Organizers that the erection and demolition of the stands can be safely carried out within the allotted time.

(c)    All stand fitting is backed-up to present a clean appearance from walkways and adjoining stands. The Exhibitor erecting a stand over 2.5 meters in height is responsible for ensuring that the rear of any dividing walls over this height is backed-up and decorated where visible from adjoining stands.
(d)    Long runs of walling should be avoided, particularly along open perimeters of stands. All such walling should be set back 1 meter from the perimeter of the stand; such walling should not be longer than 3 meters without either a 1 meter gap or a 1 meter see through panel.
(e)    Full dimensional drawings showing all constructional details and positions and dimensions of machinery exhibits must be submitted to the Organizers for approval before any work is put to hand. For stands between 2.5 meters (i.e. Shell stand height) and 4 meters in height, drawings must be submitted in duplicate to the Organizers two months prior to the opening of the Exhibition.
(f)    The Organizers reserve the right to prevent work being carried out by, or on behalf of, any Exhibitor who has not complied with the Terms and Conditions, including the requirement to submit stand design drawings in accordance with the terms above.
(g)    A stand number panel which must be of the uniform design (as specified by the Organizers) is to be displayed to each open side of the stand.
(h)    Only those modular systems which are being manufactured in accordance with the Working Rule Agreement for the Industry are acceptable.


(a)    The approval of the Organizers, which will not be withheld unnecessarily, must be obtained for enclosed stands. Special attention should be given to the exterior design of partially or totally enclosed stands and generally, exteriors should have walls relieved by display items. Walls may not be left in plain colors and displays or other promotional items attached to stand walls must not project over the frontages of the space taken by the Exhibitor.
(b)    The Organizers may, at the expense of the Exhibitor, remove or alter anything in, on or forming part of any stand, if, in their opinion, it is desirable to do so in the interests of the Exhibition.
(c)    All electrical installations must be carried out by the Contractor appointed by the Organizers for the area in which the stand is situated.
(d)    Where illuminated fascia boards are used on stands, the lighting thereof shall be of sufficient power to light the fascia board only, and must not cause any spill of light on to neighbouring stands. No flashing lights will be permitted other than for safety reasons. The Organizers reserve the right to disconnect the electrical supply to any illuminated fascia which, in their opinion, is causing a nuisance to any other Exhibitor.
(e)    The Exhibitor will be responsible for any charges of the Authority should the stand design require such attention.
(f)    Exhibitors wishing to utilise any sound amplification equipment must seek permission of the Organizers and if necessary provide full details of the equipment to be employed.
(g)    Exhibitors must check that dimensions and positioning of their stand are correct before commencing construction as the stand sizes are approximate. The Organizers accept no responsibility or liability for small variations in the layout.


Deliveries must be arranged to ensure that all exhibits (other than those which are small or have special values) are installed and arranged by 08.00 hours on the day before the Exhibition opens.

Exhibitors must comply with the Build-up Timetable and Delivery Schedule published in the Exhibitors’ Manual.

In no circumstances will the Organisers accept or sign for any goods, exhibits or other material on behalf of an Exhibitor.


All exhibitors and other property of the Exhibitor, his employees, agents and contractors, must be removed from the Exhibition premises before the time and date specified in the Exhibitors Manual and the Organizers shall be entitled, if, in their reasonable opinion, the Exhibitor will be unable for any reason to comply with this condition, to remove and dispatch such exhibits and property at the risk and expense of the Exhibitor to the address of the Exhibitor stated on the Contract.

Immediately after the Exhibition closes, Exhibitors will be permitted to remove portable exhibits and personal effects from their stands under the supervision of authorised members of their staff. Portable exhibits should be removed that evening to ensure their safety.

Exhibitors, their agents or contractors, are responsible for the complete removal from the Venue and outside areas of all goods and materials used by them, together with all rubbish. Should any Exhibitor, agent or contractor fail to remove any exhibit, stand, wires, ropes, or any rubbish within the time stipulated, then the Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organizers in respect of any claim thereby occasioned for failure to give possession of any part of the Venue on the due date, and the Organizers shall be entitled but not obliged to remove such materials as they consider necessary. The Exhibitor shall be liable for all loss and costs thereby occasioned. The Organizers reserve the right to specify the time at which individual stands and exhibits shall be removed. Notwithstanding instructions issued specifically for the closing night of the Exhibition, the security of exhibits, stands, furniture, etc. during the remaining days of the demolition period is wholly the responsibility of the Exhibitor, his agent or contractor and the Organizers will not be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs.


Exhibitors are responsible for the cost of making good, restoring or renewing in all cases of damage or dilapidation to the Venue or any part thereof, whether caused by themselves, their agents or contractors or by any person or persons employed or engaged on their behalf by any such agent or contractor.

Exhibitors occupying Shell stands are also responsible for the cost of making good, restoring or renewing any damage or dilapidation to Shell stand structures, floor coverings, light fittings, or any part thereof, whether caused by themselves, their agents or contractors or by any person or persons employed or engaged on their behalf by any such agent or contractor. The cost of making good damage will be assessed by the Shell stand Contractor and charged to the Exhibitor. The Organizers in conjunction with the Venue, will inspect every site before erection and after demolition of the stand.

Dilapidations include (by way of example only) marks caused by paint, distemper, mortar or any other adhesive substance, bolt, screw or nail holes; battens, boarding, or any other material or substance attached or adhering to walls, floors or any parts of the building; loose wire or other things left behind. The cost of making good will be assessed by the Venue and charged to the Exhibitor by the Organizers. In their own interests, Exhibitors should satisfy themselves as to the condition of their site, both before erection and after clearance.


If the Organizers shall be of the opinion that any stand fitting, constructional or display work brought into the Exhibition or carried out at the Exhibition is being or may be or is proposed to be or has been carried out in such a manner or upon such terms or by such persons that there is a risk of a strike or stoppage of work by any persons or of any industrial dispute or labor difficulties the Organizers in their absolute discretion may, if the work is being or may be or is proposed to be carried out, require the Exhibitor to stop or not to carry out the work or to cause it to be carried out in a different manner and in any event the Organizers may terminate the agreement of any Exhibitor by immediate notice to the said Exhibitor.


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    • 14 x Industry Verticals - Agriculture, Automotive, Automation, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Electronics, Health Care, Oil & Gas, Security, Supply Chain Logistics, Telecom, Telematics, Transportation and Utility as well as Smart Cities and Smart Villages
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