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Forum - India m2m + iot Forum 2016

The 2nd edition of India Smart Cities Forum will take place on 19 April 2016, at New Delhi, India. Being attended by senior executives, government officials and smart city solution providers, united in their common aim of discussing the latest in smart city technology, developments, efficient resource management and innovation, India Smart Cities Forum 2016 will endeavour to highlight the role of machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet of things (iot) in making the cities of tomorrow.


India’s commitment to innovation and investment is evinced in its actions such as in announcing SMART CITIES MISSION to be one of the national growth engines.


The need for new urbanization and ‘Smart Cities’ in India – THE NEED FOR ‘SMARTER CITIES’ –


Cities in India contribute over 60 per-cent of the country’s GDP and 80 per-cent of tax revenues. The Government Of India envisages new urbanization and initiatives such as the 100 Smart Cities project as a means to unshackle the economy.


Presently, India has 68 cities with a population greater than one million. It is estimated that the demand for essential public services namely water supply, sewage, solid waste and transportation is expected to increase by 4.5 to 8 times the existing demand. Despite this impending surge in demand, 25 per-cent of India’s urban population lives in slums.


This backdrop coupled with an expanding middle class has fuelled enthusiasm for aspirations of efficient, liveable and functioning cities represented by the concept of ‘Smart Cities’.


Smart Cities in the Indian context – academic literature is replete with a wide variety of characteristics and indicators that a Smart City must have. While the basic indicators are appropriate in most contexts, it is important to adapt these frameworks to the Indian scenario.


What does m2m + iot have to offer to SMART CITIES?


Underpinning much of the discourse about ‘Smart Cities’ is the tremendous growth and innovation in the electronics, Information Technology and Information Technology enabled services and allied sectors over the last two to three decades. And two of the prominent terms associated with the co-evolution of these sectors are machine-to-machine (m2m) + internet of things (iot).


Together the two terms encompass the hardware, software and telecommunication options that can make public services or human activities more efficient. Thereby making them central to the discourse on the aspirations from ‘SMART CITIES’.


The India Smart Cities Forum 2016 will focus on;

  • The Smart Cities National Roadmap – The Role of M2M + IoT in Smart Cities 
  • Business Opportunities for M2M + IOT – Making Sustainable Smart Cities for India
    • Building Smart and Sustainable Cities with Geo Smart Technologies
    • Smart Healthcare
    • Smart Transportation
    • Smart Utilities
      • Smart Infrastructure
      • Smart Energy
      • Smart Water Management
      • Smart Waste Management
    • Big Data & Securing Smart Systems   

India m2m + iot Forum 2016 - Highlights

    • 3 Key Forums over 2 Days – All at ONE PLACE - 100% SHARED PLATFORM
    • India m2m + iot Forum 2016
    • India Smart Cities Forum 2016
    • India Smart Villages Forum 2016
    • Featuring over 90+ Speakers over 2 days - Key Decision Makers, Top Executive Level Speakers, Disruptors and Innovators
    • 14 x Industry Verticals - Agriculture, Automotive, Automation, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Electronics, Health Care, Oil & Gas, Security, Supply Chain Logistics, Telecom, Telematics, Transportation and Utility as well as Smart Cities and Smart Villages
    • 350+ C-Level Participants
    • 10 extensive hours of Networking each DAY
    • State-of-the-art EXHIBIT’s by industry veterans and innovative STARTup's Visit to Exhibition is FREE with visitors registration
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