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Industry Alliance Partner

India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA)

IESA is the premier trade body representing the Indian semiconductor and electronics systems industry and has represented it since 2005. It has over 250 members from across the country to establish India as a preferred global destination for electronics, semiconductor and embedded systems industry. More information about IESA can be found at

As a knowledge partner, IESA shares a common vision with the Indian Government of building Brand India and putting the Indian ESDM industry on the global radar.

As a partner in sustainable growth, IESA works closely with the industry and the academia to nurture talent, encourage entrepreneurship and mentor future leaders to take the industry forward in the years to come.


The primary objective of IESA is to act as a catalyst for the growth of the semiconductor and electronics systems industry in India. Other objectives include:

  • Create global awareness for the Indian semiconductor and electronics systems industry
  • Create a win-win interaction among semiconductor product and services companies, government, academia, venture capitalists and industry bodies
  • Create an enabling ecosystem that catalyzes industry growth and leadership
  • Foster active collaboration between industry and universities to further expand the available world-class semiconductor talent pool
  • Identify investment opportunities
  • Drive technology vision for the semiconductor and electronics systems industry
  • Promote trade and industry

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