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Mr. PVG Menon

Founder and CEO

VANN Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. PVG Menon is the Founder and CEO of VANN Consulting Pvt. Ltd-a management consulting firm specializing in the ICT, Electronics and Semiconductor sectors. He has deep experience in electronics, semiconductors and embedded system and has also been involved in public policy initiatives for the sector. 

Through his company VANN Consulting, Mr. Menon provides Transformation Consulting for companies which are looking to chart new growth paths. He was also part of the founding team of an IoT based Healthcare Analytics company. 

Mr. Menon served as National President of the India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA) from 2011 to 2014. During his tenure as President of IESA, he championed an industry viewpoint which put “India First” for the domestic Electronic Systems Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) industry. He coined the slogan “Innovation Led Design. Design Led Manufacturing” and was a strong advocate of the Indian electronics industry pursuing an IPR and Product-led approach to designing world-class electronics For and From India. Mr. Menon established international linkages for IESA with leading international bodies and expanded the role of the IESA into new areas like Strategic Electronics. He also led IESA into a deep and meaningful collaboration with various stakeholders for skill development – both industrial as well as with academic.  

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