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Mr. Satyajit Mohapatra

India DesignCenter Head


Mr. Satyajit has 20 years of Semiconductor industry experience and worked in Intel at Boston and Phoenix in various leadership roles. Subsequently on his return to India, he has worked in various leadership roles in Conexant, AMD and Semtech. At AMD, he was the global lead for the first fusion processor from the company as well as leading various other leadership roles. Currently he is the center head and managing director at Semtech India. He has extensive experience in running off-shore centers as managing director with responsibility for project delivery of a variety of engineering functions, finance, HR, Legal compliance, brand building.

Having worked for long periods in both USA and India and having built entire organizations from scratch in low cost geographies, he has deep insights into the challenges of cross-cultural and multi-site execution. Has developed an understanding of both points of view, opportunities and limitations as well as trade-offs.

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