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Mr. Sandeep Agrawal

Senior Consultant and Delivery Partner (Telecom)

Tata Consultancy Services

Mr. Sandeep Agrawal has been working with TCS for the past 21+ years. He had started with role of software developer and moved onto various higher roles such as designer, architect, project manager, Account Manager, business development manager, program manager and delivery head. For the past 16+ years, Sandeep has been working with Telecom customer mainly on their network engineering and related areas as part of TCS’s Telecom Business unit.

Mr. Sandeep has been involved with standard these bodies for various telecom standards related activities. He has good understanding of Telecom Services business and has worked for both wireless and wireline equipment manufacturers as well as operators. He has managed key customer relationships, which include leading networking equipment vendor, leading Broadcast/DTH services provider, European Test & Measurement customer amongst others.

Mr. Sandeep been involved in TSDSI meetings since its formation last year. He has been instrumental in mobilizing resources within TCS for TSDSI participations. He actively participates in TCS internal meetings on TSDSI and how TCS should be contributing to it.

Mr. Sandeep has good understanding of products and software development life cycle. He regularly visits various colleges in North India as part of TCS Academic Alliance program and takes guest lectures for students on various emerging telecom technologies.

Mr. Sandeep has travelled to various parts of the world and also stayed in USA and UK for long durations as part of TCS assignments and attended / organized Telecom industry events.

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