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Mr. Vaibhav Vijay

Head- Product Management

Teramatrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Vaibhav is Head- Product Management at Teramatrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., having successfully implemented numerous solutions for our clients. He has a strong vision and market approach for the software products in the field of Machine to Machine Communication and Business Management Products.

Mr. Vaibhav completed his B.Tech from LNM Institute of Information Technology in Computers and Communication Engineering in 2009. He worked with Codescape Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and spearheaded a number of projects. He executed various projects with esteemed clients, such as Shyam Networks, Vihaan Networks Ltd., PG Foils, etc.

Working with Shyam Networks and VNL, he headed the Design and Development of various products in the domain of M2M communication which had their utility in Security & Surveillance of Military, Para Military and other Law & Order enforcement Organizations and verticals. Along with the product development Vaibhav looked over and provided consultancy to the R&D for Military Security and Surveillance Solutions and Products.

In 2013, Vaibhav co-founded Teramatrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with a vision to take specialized   Network Management and Machine to Machine Platforms to the market with the goal to serve organizations in the horizontal fashion, catering the needs of an organization as a whole and build intelligent applications on the same which takes care of various vertical needs in market.

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