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Views - India m2m + iot Forum 2016

"Your forum provides a very good opportunity for fostering ideas to opening the channels of communication, collaboration and long term partnerships in the field of IoT & M2M"

Dr. Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar, President, Aeris Communications- India and Chairperson of the IET IoT Panel

Q1. Thank you very much for your very valuable support to India m2m + iot Forum 2016. We are indeed very honoured to have you at the third edition of India m2m + iot Forum.

May we request you to kindly let our participants of India m2m + iot Forum 2016 know of your views and thoughts about the forum? Do you think it is important and necessary to have a forum such as India m2m + iot Forum, that brings together the stakeholders from the m2m and iot ecosystem in India and globally and provides a platform to discuss, deliberate and exchange?

The best part about India m2m + iot Forum 2016 event this year is that

  1. It is bringing three very important forums together- TSDSI ‘Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India’ , TCOE, India ‘Telecom Centres of Excellence, India’ and
  2. Getting all key stakeholders on a single forum is a big task and you have managed to get all of them at your venue, which is commendable and I congratulate you for that.
  3. For IoT technology and services adoption and growth in India, it is important to understand the opportunity landscape and regional developments. I have seen value coming from platforms which provide an interface for open interactions, enable wider understanding on regulations and standards, brainstorming on the present challenges and future trajectory IoT will take with high level representations from government to public and private sector, Technology to manufacturing firms, software and hardware companies, digital and IoT evangelists, startups to big industrialists and policy makers. 
  4. Your forum provides a very good opportunity for fostering ideas to opening the channels of communication, collaboration and long term partnerships in the field of IoT & M2M

Q2. The 3rd edition of India m2m + iot Forum this year is jointly organized by, TSDSI (Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India) and TCOE (Telecom Centres of Excellence, India). What value do you think does the joint organization of this forum brings to the table? What are your expectations from TSDSI and TCOE in this forum?

  1. We all know that IoT is still in its nascent stage of development in India and industry is skeptical on investing hugely due to lack of clarity on
    1. Regulatory environment and legal aspects of doing business. For example, who will be accountable if a patient life is lost due to a slack in IoT service delivery which involves multiple stakeholders from different verticals such as medical device and sensor manufactures for wearable technology, connectivity provider (telcos), doctors, commandcentre operator from the integrators/service providers?
    2. Governance models
    3. Lack of uniform standards which is a big factor in increasing cost for IoT services as affordable technology from different and small vendors is often not acceptable by big consortiums. Formation of a cartel is good but it should not be restrictive.
    4. Viable business cases and proof of concepts are not easy to make
    5. Cost of devices used goes skywards when they are imported from abroad. We need to ensure that ‘Make in India’ mission enables manufacturing units for devices, sensors and other essential equipment is available at an affordable cost, long lasting and are of very high quality.  

Hence, to me, coming together of TSDSI (Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India) and TCOE (Telecom Centres of Excellence, India) indicates that India is seriously taking IoT as a future technology and my expectation is that this forum will try to address the issues mentioned and take measures for creating equal opportunities for all players

Q3. Considering the unprecedented rise in the number of start-ups in the m2m and iot space in India which is quiet encouraging as it indicates the untapped potential that exists in the markets in India, what would be your suggestions for this budding extension of the industry and which are the areas, industries, and verticals, where you see the most potential and growth for them? And do you think a forum such as India m2m + iot Forum helps these budding entrepreneurs and enterprises in anyways?

IoT potential in India is enormous. The promise of remote connectivity, management and monitoring in real time has applications which can save lives, assets and make sustainable, environment friendly living, a reality.

Some of the major areas where I see plethora of opportunities include,

  • Smart cities for sustainable urban growth and development and natural resource utilization
  • Manufacturing for productivity enhancements to cost savings and zero errors with least human interventions, especially where working conditions can be hazardous to human life such as mining, nuclear power plants etc.
  • Heath care- IOT a promising technology not only for providing primary healthcare facilities to the remotest corners of India, but also wellness with proactive monitoring preventive care than curative care.
  • Argriculture- Even after 69 years of independence, we are still predominantly dependent on monsoons and the sector is so much debt ridden that farmers are committing suicide. With IoT technology, real time feeds can be made available not only on weather but also irrigation requirement as per climate and soil type, crop yields, pesticide control, and even the market rates for commodities and more. Farmers would not only be better equipped to manage their crops but also be able to have clear understanding on what and how much to produce and where to sell.
  • Transport and Automotive- Traffic congestions, road rage and accidents can be controlled and reduced with autonomous vehicles. Cities can offer multimodal transportation with IoT adoption for a better quality of life for its dwellers.

Q4. Do you think the stakeholders from m2m and iot space at any and all levels whether in public and/or private and/or the national and global top professional and trade associations and organizations should come forward and utilize such a forum/platform i.e. India m2m + iot Forum, and encourage and support such forums?

It is not only essential but imperative for all stakeholders in india and abroad to collaborate and work together closely. Facilitating an environment where discussions from key stakeholders can lead to actions from policy makers, government and other enabling bodies is the need of the hour.

We must remember that what perhaps has worked in the western world might not be feasible or practical for our world, given the level of maturity in infrastructure, policies and ease of doing business. We must learn from the success stories and live models, but rather than implementing ‘as-is’, we need to  dwell into use cases which are more meaningful in the Indian context and can have higher rate of success when local intelligence is applied.

Q5. What companies/organizations, participants, panel discussion topics would you like the forum India m2m + iot Forum 2016 to cover and deliver? And, what would you like to take away from India m2m + iot Forum in 2016?

Topic coverage and Delivery

  • IoT opportunities in Verticals
  • From Innovative ideas to Business Cases- What is required for widespread adoption of IoT
  • Ecosystem: what it takes to deliver a successful IoT implementation
  • Monetizing  IoT- How will businesses enable a new and recurring revenue stream
  • Regulatory environment and Standardization-  need for Open standards

Key takeaways for us:

  • How the Government of India intends to create the $15 billion domestic IoT market?
  • How will the regulatory environment shape up for ensuring IoT business fosters with equal opportunity for big and small players, equal accountability and equal responsibility of each stakeholder.
  • What are the short to long term plans for
    • Infrastructure enablement
    • Providing easy capital and tax benefits for IoT players
    • Start-ups to grow their business and not die their own death with partnerships with wrong venture capitalists
    • Policy and regulatory framework

India m2m + iot Forum 2016 - Highlights

    • 3 Key Forums over 2 Days – All at ONE PLACE - 100% SHARED PLATFORM
    • India m2m + iot Forum 2016
    • India Smart Cities Forum 2016
    • India Smart Villages Forum 2016
    • Featuring over 90+ Speakers over 2 days - Key Decision Makers, Top Executive Level Speakers, Disruptors and Innovators
    • 14 x Industry Verticals - Agriculture, Automotive, Automation, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Electronics, Health Care, Oil & Gas, Security, Supply Chain Logistics, Telecom, Telematics, Transportation and Utility as well as Smart Cities and Smart Villages
    • 350+ C-Level Participants
    • 10 extensive hours of Networking each DAY
    • State-of-the-art EXHIBIT’s by industry veterans and innovative STARTup's Visit to Exhibition is FREE with visitors registration
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