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Views - India m2m + iot Forum 2016

"Yes, such forums will help in bringing the various stake holders from m2m, iot space, the regulator, global top professionals and associates together in bringing more awareness and requirements for Indian specific used cases in m2m domain where the develo"

Mr. Arvind Chauhan, Sr. Vice President- Network Planning, Tata Teleservices Ltd

Q1. Thank you very much for your very valuable support to India m2m + iot Forum 2016. We are indeed very honoured to have you at the third edition of India m2m + iot Forum.

May we request you to kindly let our participants of India m2m + iot Forum 2016 know of your views and thoughts about the forum? Do you think it is important and necessary to have a forum such as India m2m + iot Forum, that brings together the stakeholders from the m2m and iot ecosystem in India and globally and provides a platform to discuss, deliberate and exchange?

Yes, India needs such forum as the market potential; opportunities in the m2m domain and IoT perspective are tremendous. There should be common platform and forum who actively involves in narrowing the gap between the requirements generated versus standardization happening in pace with the demands.     

Q2. The 3rd edition of India m2m + iot Forum this year is jointly organized by, TSDSI (Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India) and TCOE (Telecom Centres of Excellence, India). What value do you think does the joint organization of this forum brings to the table? What are your expectations from TSDSI and TCOE in this forum?

This event will brings lot of benefit in terms of bringing togetherness among TSDSI the standardization body in India, TCOEs set up in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode where the eight largest Telco’s have joined the initiative as Principal Sponsors for the research & development in the Telecom field along with the whose focus is to generate IoT applications and use cases. The joint work among these organizations will make the standardization specific to Indian requirements.

Q3. Considering the unprecedented rise in the number of start-ups in the m2m and iot space in India which is quiet encouraging as it indicates the untapped potential that exists in the markets in India, what would be your suggestions for this budding extension of the industry and which are the areas, industries, and verticals, where you see the most potential and growth for them? And do you think a forum such as India m2m + iot Forum helps these budding entrepreneurs and enterprises in anyways?

Yes, there is a very good growth expected in the M2M & IoT domain. Based on the expert  report published, there is a tremendous opportunities to grow in this particular domain. By 2020 there would about 21 Bn connected devices along with an estimated spending of 3 Trillion USD towards Internet of Things end point. Which are a very quiet impressive,  however the kind of revenues expected to generate per services is very challenging and does not give any attractive business case for the Telecom operator to invest. As the Telco’s are moving towards LTE/LTE advance. With the add on feature of Narrow Band LTE which is an add on functionality of the IoT over the existing spectrum offerings which makes sense to the telecom operators to offer a bundled product or exclusive basis to their customers with minimal incremental cost. The technology evolution and development should happen in line with this thinking will give added advantage for a sustainable business.

Q4. Do you think the stakeholders from m2m and iot space at any and all levels whether in public and/or private and/or the national and global top professional and trade associations and organizations should come forward and utilize such a forum/platform i.e. India m2m + iot Forum, and encourage and support such forums?

Yes, such forums will help in brining the various stake holders from m2m, iot space, the regulator, global top professionals and associates together in bringing more awareness and requirements for Indian specific used cases in m2m domain where the development emphasis can be put in the right direction and can yield more results.

Q5. What companies/organizations, participants, panel discussion topics would you like the forum India m2m + iot Forum 2016 to cover and deliver? And, what would you like to take away from India m2m + iot Forum in 2016?

Any panel discussions or topics which help in bringing the various industry verticals together to come forward to discuss and debate on the requirements and capabilities in understanding in a true senses in bridging the gap. This should give an enablement or provoking thought among the participants to further take forward and put the efforts towards the development, standardization. This results into a successful product offering in the market keeping the governments vision and mission of Digital India, Make in India, Smart Things etc.

India m2m + iot Forum 2016 - Highlights

    • 3 Key Forums over 2 Days – All at ONE PLACE - 100% SHARED PLATFORM
    • India m2m + iot Forum 2016
    • India Smart Cities Forum 2016
    • India Smart Villages Forum 2016
    • Featuring over 90+ Speakers over 2 days - Key Decision Makers, Top Executive Level Speakers, Disruptors and Innovators
    • 14 x Industry Verticals - Agriculture, Automotive, Automation, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Electronics, Health Care, Oil & Gas, Security, Supply Chain Logistics, Telecom, Telematics, Transportation and Utility as well as Smart Cities and Smart Villages
    • 350+ C-Level Participants
    • 10 extensive hours of Networking each DAY
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